Bitch Stop



Hello to all horny boys and aroused girls, we’re back again with yet another capital catch a we do hope, you’ve been saving yourself for us! This time, we met distinctive young miss, already pre-prepared for our cunning methods of seduction. How so? Well, when we found her, she was pretty drunk. Reason for her drinking was unsuccesful school exam. Damn, I wish I knew what school was she attending. You know – to find out, if all the girls in there are the same wild cats. When we met this chick, her bottle was almost empty, so it wasn’t realy hard to convince her to join us at our apartment for a drink During our ride, I tried to find out her likes and dislikes. With a little help from a „Mr. Campari bottle“, she said quite a lot about herself. Her name is Monika and she have a boyfriend, whose currently in Iraque (yes, even few Czech soldiers serve there). Frankly, I hope this guy will never find our page, or we are screwed. Little miss kept faithfull to him and when nature stroke, she simply pleased herself. I tried to check her tatoo, but she wouldn’t let me. When my colleague stopped the car and went to buy us some booze, she schocked me, by showing some very interesting part without tatoo. If I had any doubts, at that point they ware gone and I knew for a fact, my „little“ friend down there is gonna get lucky once again. Rest of the road, I tried to find out her sexual preferences. For example we learned, she enjoys oral and don’t mind giving one either (depending on the guy). She also had some lesbian experience, but you know – a dude is a dude. We actualy heard a lot more, but I won’t bore you with pointless details, because you can check everything yourself in our vid. And this time even in HD!
Bitch Stop - Monca