Bitch Stop



After a long dry period, we finaly managed do get a very nice catch. Therefore we bring you video filled with beautiful girls, interesting plot twists and thrilling gunfights! Or not.How about one cute and horny hitchhiker? When we saw that cute chick, it was realy nasty outside a I didn’t even expected to see something of interest that day. We had no luck during past cold months and I already came to realize, that I charge my cam only to fill its memory with me talking bullshit all the time and desperately look for everything, that might wear a skirt during summer. With the exeption of Scottish of course (no intention of lifting their kilts). Lucka, as she introduced herself, kept waiting for her friend to show up. They were supposed to go into nearby pub. Why did she waited outside, exposed to this shitty weather, instead od inside, was beyond my understanding. But when you’re given a horse, you are not supposed to check its teeth and the same applies to good looking chicks, with one tiny difference – you’re supposed to put something in between her teeth Since our (obviously) bright student from Prague waited for almost half an hour already and she was quite unhappy about it, we had no difficulties convincing her to join us. I went to buy some cigars already pretty horny. I assumed, it won’t be much of a challenge to check what’s under her pants. Girl that is willing to visit house os some stranger with camera, must know already what she’s getting into. Yeah, that’s right, we took her home. You didn’t expected me, to fuck her outside, did you? Dont’n want to catch a cold. We managed to frighten her up a bit on our way home (while showing off my colleagues driving skills), but at the end, arrived safely without any missing limbs. Young lady offered to make us soma coffee and in our vid you’ll have to check yourself, if she realy managed to serve it. Have fun
Bitch Stop - Lucka