Bitch Stop



The first part of what we recorded was near Trutnov, where I tried to reach a young woman who stood in the rain to the bus stop. I didn’t believe it, but when I saw her get to our car. It was given a chance. It has to come true. Peter was driving and I was holding the camera. I was recording not only our interview. Iva, as she lately introduced, was nervous in the beginning. I was asking for a various questions, because I want her to be unfastened. I found out that she is married and she has 2 children. Iva revealed that she is going to come and see her sister and that she wants to go on holidays. But even though, I started to cajole her to show us something. It is clear that in the first place, every man wants to see the breast. After few minutes of persuasion she began to strip herself, I kept the camera and I was waiting for her reaction. I want to know whether it will continue. I was quite surprised. I thought It will be harder. She might have been excited when she showed her knickers and under. She seemed to be willing to do everything So I took out special toys I prepared for this situation. I offered toys to her. She said yes, immediately. It made happy. I asked her:” do you want to have more”??? She said yes, again. That’s why I told to Peter that we should leave the road. We parked the car near the forest. I must point out that It was raining and It was very cold. It wasn’t easy. It didn’t deter us. Iva was so excited that I couldn’t stay and record it but I had to join. Well, there you can see our first clip.If it is popular, there will be another one (Provided camera wasn’t broken by rain)
Bitch Stop - Iva