Bitch Stop



This part was recorded with hitchhiker nearby water. It was great weather, but at the car you couldn’t breathe. That’s why me and Peter planned to have a rest at our popular place a pound near Prague and we wanted to have a refreshment. On our way we stopped for one hitchhiker. She was going to the Kolin, but she agreed with our suggestion go to the pound. Her name was Alena she didn’t have problem with camera. When I started to persuade her to show breast, she nearly send me to the hell, but in the end she accepted that when she went to the water she didn’t have braless. I didn’t wait so fast exhibition of her breast. We spitted up because Petr met his friend. Me and Alena went to my place, but there was a fisherman. I found a place where she started to redress (I had to leave for a while).I used the camera I recorded her from the bush. If you want to know what was next you should download this video. It’s worth. You will see how we were caught by an old man with a dog, my hitchhiker was afraid of being seen by another one man. I was having a fun for the whole. Even I planned to repeat it Petr was waiting for me that’s why I had to escape and hitchhikers was left for fishermen.
Bitch Stop - Alena